Dear Twentysomethings

• You’re cool • Be you, don’t try to be others, but do be inspired by them. • Read books • Spend money. You’ll study hard and make tons more later in life. • NOBODY is perfect #fact • What works for others, may not work for you… • Make mistakes, learn. • Throw dinner parties. Be posh and go to a farmers market, pick up an overpriced chicken,tons of veg and lots of amazing food, then burn the chicken and have the best night of your life. • Be safe. Be of help too. • Listographies #nuffsaid • Take fear and a signal to be aware, but don’t let it deter you from your destiny. • Mental Illness. More people than you think suffer, so be honest, not ashamed. • Live a life worth living. • Be kind. Draw a smiley face on balloons and pass them out on the street, just to make people smile. Help grannys cross the street. • Be a friend. • Life can be hard. There are many bumpy roads. #ThatIsRealLife • Take good care of you. • Keep journals. • Take classes. • Walk everywhere, you see more!

Friday Feature

Write down the alphabet. Then, by each letter, write a word or phrase to signify a new and exciting an adventure you will undertake this year, or a new food you will eat, or a new place you will travel to.

Good luck, have fun x

Explaining the unexplainable, is often, and inevitably, one of the most complicated things to explain.